A cheaper solution for male sexual problems

Being unable to sexually perform and satisfy their partners has been one of the biggest issues for a lot of men for ages. The problem has finally been addressed some years ago, with the development of a “magic blue pill” called Viagra. Viagra quickly became a huge hit, and something of a social phenomenon, and it’s no wander – it was able to remove one of the biggest problems and causes of stress in men. There’s only one problem with Viagra – it’s just too expensive.

Fortunately for men everywhere, recent pharmaceutical developments have yielded in a cheaper solution. A big pharmaceutical company based in India came up with a just as efficient, but much cheaper alternative to Viagra called Kamagra. Kamagra is essentially exactly the same thing as Viagra – it contains the same active ingredient as its brand name counterpart called Sildenafil Citrate.

Kamagra follows closely in the footsteps of major global pharmaceutical companies, and their famous products Cialis and Viagra, and it quickly sparked interest in the legions of men. Those who have been buying these brand name drugs quickly recognized the potential of Kamagra – after all, it gave them the same effects, at a fraction of the cost. And more and more men who never used an ED pill are choosing Kamagra right of the bat. The mechanism of action, or the working principle of all three drugs we mentioned is basically the same. They all work by enabling the arteries in the penis to become dilated, thus enabling the blood flow to the penile area. Once the blood vessels of the penis become full of blood, the natural occurrence of erection becomes possible, provided that there’s sufficient stimulation. Kamagra exceeds when it comes to enabling, establishing and maintaining a healthy erection, and its effects last for at least four hours.

Just like almost every drug out there, including its “brand name” alternatives, Kamagra from https://arbuthnotdrug.com/drugs/kamagra.html can have some minor side effects. A minority of users have reported experiencing facial flushing, stomach problems, mild headaches and running nose. All of those side effects are not serious, and pass on their own in a matter of hours, but if you experience any of those while using Kamagra, you should probably check with your doctor. Also, you should always make sure not to take Kamagra after a large meal rich in fatty foods, since those can diminish the effects of Kamagra, and if you are taking nitrates as a therapy you shouldn’t use Kamagra without checking with your doctor. Also, you shouldn’t take more than one Kamagra pill per day, since upping the dosage will not give you more results. Alcohol usage is also discouraged while using Kamagra, and best effects have been achieved by taking Kamagra thirty minutes before the intercourse.

The speed at which Kamagra is becoming popular indicates that it’s being recognized as a successful treatment of erectile dysfunction by more and more users. Some statistics indicate that one in every five men, or twenty percent of all males have tried Kamagra or some of its alternatives, and that more than 97% of Kamagra users have achieved results.