Avian Flu Symptoms

Avian flu is not a new problem in the world actually, but as the previous cases caused terrible loss, people need to be anticipated of the possibility of avian flu symptoms returning. Though researches on health are carried out in order to find the most effective way to fight the virus, it is still risky for us. Then, we had better get accurate information about the avian flu symptoms and how to solve the problem.

Avian flu that is also called bird flu is a kind of influenza that is caused by viruses. The viruses are infectious and so harmful for birds. Although it does not infect people, a serious infection may give a big trouble to them. There are different kinds of viruses that may lead to avian flu. Two of them that are mostly harmful for people are H5N1 and H7N9. That is why we should understand the avian flu symptoms for taking the best solution.

• Suffering from runny nose or even blocked nose
• having problem to sleep tight
• Suffering from a serious fever. The temperature is so high. It can be 38 degrees Celsius or more.
• having a bad headache
• suffering from cough that is dry and chesty
• feeling so tired and serious pain in the muscles
• The pain is also felt in the joint or limp
• getting a sore throat
• losing the appetite to eat
• sneezing
• getting a stomach-ache

The most characteristic of diseases that are caused by viruses is that it spreads easily and quickly. Similarly, the avian flu symptoms can spread fast from one person to another. Even, it studies show that the virus can destroy the population in the world at fast. What makes it so bad? The first thing that causes the unlucky situation is the sudden arrival of the symptoms. People may take it easy as common influenza symptoms and give no further check for it. Second, the virus only needs about three to five days to complete the incubation period. In some cases, it can last until seven days, but it rarely happens. Actually, the worst thing about the avian flu symptoms is that it can lead to a pandemic disease. It can be transmitted from one person to another easily through every day interaction. The condition is getting worse and worse when people do not have strong immunity to fight against the virus.

What to do when the Avian Flu Symptoms occur?

As stated previously, the avian flu symptoms are just similar to other influenza symptoms. It means that we have to anticipate the symptoms or to consider whether it is the symptoms of avian flu. On the contrary, the symptoms can calm us because the symptoms may only be the symptoms of avian flu if the person who gets the symptoms has just visited an area where birds are infected by the virus. Then, it is wise to always go to the doctor to get a more accurate examination about the symptoms.