How to cure heartburn naturally

Recently, the over-the-counter antacid has been making the waves. It’s even available as a chewable sweet. Needless to say, sales are strong and people are eating out of the palm of the drug companies hands. Why? Because they don’t know hot to cure heartburn naturally. If they did, they would save themselves a lot of potential health destroying side effects.

Heartburn is almost always a result of what you eat. Surprisingly not many people know this. As a result, people turn to potentially dangerous antacids because they do not know how to cure heartburn naturally through their diets. I will give you three very quick natural heartburn relief tips on how to do so.

1. Avoid tomatoes – Tomatoes have become ubiquitous in our modern diets. Most meals feel incomplete without tomatoes or even ketchup! Because most sauces are besed on tomatoes, and most meals incolude tomatoes, this becomes a very tricky thing to do indeed. This is vital in learning how to cure heartburn naturally. understand the triggers and avoid them if possible. While it may not be entirely possible to avoid tomatoes, you can them employ some measures to relieve the burn.

2. Milk – If you are anything like me, as soon as you eat a trigger food (tomatoes, hot sauces) you immediately begin to experience some symptoms. Most people who do not know how to cure heartburn naturally endure the synptoms but it need not be the case. Drinking a glass of milk helps neutralise the acid and cool the burn. If you’ve been a bit naughty and consumed some trigger foods, then you need milk ASAP!

How to cure heartburn naturally; Quick tips

So there you are, suffering in need of a quick guide on how to cure heartburn naturally. There isn’t any milk in the fridge and you’ve just had spaghetti bolognese. Tomatoes galore.

What do you do?

1. Go in the fridge – Iced water will do great for tempoorary relief and you drink enough of it you will get relief altogether. However, many people who don’t know how to cure heartburn naturally havent the slightest clue that some juices (mango, papaya, apple, guava) actually work great! Try it.

2. Check the cupboard – Usually, there’s baking soda in our cupboard. Sometimes it’s labeled bicerbonate of soda. Same thing. If you didn’t know how to cure heartburn naturally, you wouldn’t have the slightest idea how powerful this stuff is. It eliminates heartburn in seconds. I use it as a last resort because it tastes dreadful and sometimes it gives me nausea (all because of the taste) but I can’t doubt that it works. I recommend first time users to dilute it heavily before cranking up the dosage!

How to cure heartburn naturally; stay up

Most heartburn suffers experience heartburn at night or while lying down. Usually when you sleep, acid flows up the esophagus because of gravity. Your sleeping position is important. Don’t lie down up to 3 hours after you’ve had a meal. Also elevate your sleeping position with a pillow so the acid doesn’t easily flow back into the esaphagus!

This also brings the issue of eating late into the equation. Why is it that heartburn sufferers complain of not being able to sleep yet they eat late. This should be obvious. Make sure you don’t eat less than 3 hours prior to sleep!