Polio Vaccine Developer

Polio Vaccine Developer. Thirteen year after Sabin and Olitsky succeed to pilulat the virus polio with the network of human being brain, all researcher in laboratory of John Enders in The Children Hospital Boston, also succeed to pilulat the virus of network of husk and network of muscle of embryo human being very luck of coincidence once. By then, all researcher is putting attention for the insulation of and grow the virus vaccinate the varicella. Previous is they have succeeded to grow the virus of mumps and influenza virus, this time in changing over to vaccinate the varicella virus, also know what they will grow and multiply in cell human being.

After drawing up the flask (a kind of bottle of is in the form of gourd with the small mouth) with the network of embryo human being, they plant the fruit into 4 flasks with the substance of rinses red lane from patient vaccinate. And 4 other fruit flasks are they inculcate the virus polio as comparator or control. In the reality virus vaccinate to barren of in this breeder media, but outside expectation and anticipation of all researcher, exactly virus polio multiplying in the media. By this technology they continue to pills two types of strains of polio virus by using of following share of the embryo cell of the network of human being, without using nerve network again.

They can grow that virus swiftly and plethora by using method ” roller tube”, an techniques developed by researcher of George Otto Gey year 1930 ( Gey also succeed to develop the famous human being cell network, that is Haul the cell of Lino or Henrietta Lacks Lino, wearer for the media of elementary substance virus breeder of vaccine). With the invention of cell of lino of human being by George Otto Gey, hence the since then for all the research and making of virus vaccine for the human being of have never utilized the cell of an embryo of a network of human being again.

All invention all man of science from laboratory of John Enders in The Children Hospital Boston has come to an erudite breakthrough in the field of making and development of vaccine polio. And the technique used until now to examine and develop a modern vaccine that we utilize. In the year 1951, Jonas Salk and his colleagues from the University of Pittsburgh also fine in the reality that the polio virus also can breed in gross in cells of monkey kidney. Modern polio vaccine can kill of illness, vaccine researcher to find Polio killed disease and the make us health. Thanks for Researchers and their research.