Self Love and Why It Matters

Self esteem is our emotional evaluation of our personal worth. It is determined by our relationship with our selves and is often reflected in the way we talk to ourselves on a daily basis with achat viagra. It is not dependent on the world around us or even on our relationship with others. Self esteem is dictated by our inner world where we get to choose if fear or love rules.

Our culture has a tendency towards chronically low levels of self esteem, especially in younger generations. We find ourselves constantly seeking approval, toxic relationships, and material goods all in the effort to fill the void of a single fear: The fear of not being good enough.

One of the best ways to annihilate this major fear of our inner world is by learning to love ourselves in our entirety. Love is the opposite of fear and fear cannot exist in its presence. For most of us, the idea of loving ourselves in our entirety is terrifying endeavor on generique cialis because it is quite different from what we are currently doing.

Self love makes high self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment possible. If we don’t love the beautiful, messy, imperfect, messed-up human being that we are, it won’t matter how many medals we win or how many ranks we rise to. We will never achieve that sense of accomplishment because fear will always be a determining factor in our lives. It’s time for us to step up, be brave, and starve the fear out of our lives once and for all. It’s time to let love win.

So how do we let love win? We stop fearing failure in all levels of our lives. We learn to love failure because we know that it is the greatest teacher we will ever have. And when things don’t work, we forgive ourselves, give ourselves credit for taking a risk, and then give it another shot. Self love happens when we still love ourselves even at our most imperfect moments. Self love is when we realize that we are human, and we are worthy of love, especially when we don’t feel super spectacularly great about ourselves.

Self love is when we stop letting the opinions of other dictate our lives. Self love is listening to our gut instinct and doing what we know is best for ourselves, even if others disagree. Self love is being okay with being wrong. Self love is not expecting or demanding perfection. It is simply being who we are and loving every moment of this ridiculous human experience.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever have. Take time to nourish your connection with yourself and learn to love every aspect of your beautiful being. After all, you’re the only you you’ve got!