The relation between Celiac Disease and Infertility

On the topic of celiac disease and infertility, the main thing is to fully comprehend what the disease is all about. Celiac disease is known as an autoimmune disease and it is passed down from your family. The disease will result in the damage of the small intestine when one consumes things related to gluten and wheat, oat, barley and rye proteins. Normally, the intestine can break these items down and absorb them but the disease will flatten the intestine if you do not seek a cure such that it cannot absorb nutrients from this group of food. Celiac disease is inherited and the disease can be with you from time you were a baby to the time where you are in the ripe old age. Having certain idea of what the disease is, then we will have known how celiac disease and infertility are related.

The cause of Celiac Disease and Infertility in simple term

About eight percent of the women will suffer both celiac disease and infertility. If you have the disease, you will have to keep to a diet free of gluten as the cause of the disease will result in early menstrual cycle and menopause will occur early in your life. You will have difficulty conceiving and celiac disease and infertility will result in the menstrual cycle to switch it off and on. But that does not imply that once you have celiac disease and infertility, then you will not be able to get yourself conceived but it might take a longer time to get pregnant. Also you may be older than what you would like before you conceive your first child. Although conceiving is slim, there are certain methods to better your chance of getting pregnant even though you have the disease. Celiac disease and infertility can be eliminated. As long as you know that a diet free of gluten is the major reason for your menstrual trouble. However you need the diet in order to remain in the pink of health.

It will not affect your pregnancy even if you stick to this kind of diet. You have to seek a cure for celiac disease as not only it is the cause for infertility, even if you were to become pregnant, the possibility of miscarriage is there as well as smaller babies and fetal growth problem too. If you get the disease treated, then celiac disease and infertility may occur late in your life to affect you too much. You can get pregnant even with Celiac Disease and Infertility Pregnancy can occur late than most women in your life as a result of the disease and you need to seek treatment to remain in the pink of health. If you do not seek treatment, there is a growing risk with infertility and pregnancy problem. You do not have to lump together celiac disease and infertility if you seek treatment early.