The specific on Male Infertility

Male infertility contributed as much to the infertility issues as female infertility, much to the surprise of many who think otherwise. For couple who has difficulty conceiving, the male has to bear as much burden by going through the requisite testing as do the women. Although it is an awkward and uneasy situation for the male, going for the needed testing might cause unnecessary discomfort for women who will have to go through all the poking and prodding and it will certainly help the couple look for solution to their infertility the soonest possible time. For infertility causes to be effective, it is essential to get the male infertility examined as well as the female side.

Causes of Male Infertility

Several causes contributed to the male infertility when a diagnosis is carry out. It might be due to the void of sperm produced and that is known as azoospermia. On the other hand, when only minute amount of sperm is produced, it is known as oligiospermia. These two factors contributed greatly to the cause of male infertility and in turn the possibility of conceiving. One of the problems contributing to male infertility even when sperm is present is due to the inability of it to infiltrate the egg to fertilize it. Another contributing factor is the form and structure of the sperm that can prevent it for fertilizing the egg too. But do not despair as treatments are there to be able to cure the matter of male infertility. Various treatments for Male Infertility You can be surprised that treating male infertility can be as easy as altering your behavior. Lessen the intensity of sexual intercourse if the sperm count is low as will be suggested by your physician so that it will increase the concentration of the sperm in between this period.

But if the contributing factor is the hormone, then pills can be taken to get over it. One of the better treatments for male infertility is through artificial insemination in which the sperm and eggs are taken out and fertilize outside the female womb. This is one of most effective treatment for male with low sperm count and other matter of male infertility as you just need one sperm to penetrate the egg. You can rest assured that many types of treatment options are available for male infertility that will contribute immensely to the possibility of the couple to get conceived. For those who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive for more than a year, check with your physician now and explore the form of treatment after your diagnosis is positive. Your partner will be happy if you contribute your part even if you are suffering from male infertility.